Cheese & Crackers Fresh Fish List

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How to Order Fish: Email with: 1. Your Name 2. Your Phone Number 3. Your order: • Fish with the amount in one (1) pound increments • Mussels and the amount in two (2) pound increments • Oysters in increments of one dozen (12) • Other product amounts as specified in their listings.

Now Available • Foie Gras - Grade A Foie Gras slices and whole lobes are available.

• Live Softshell Crabs

* Shad Row

* Caviar

*Duck *


*Dry Aged Steaks

The fine print: Late orders after 7:00 pm cannot be guaranteed. We confirm all orders by email. Forgot to send your order to us by 7pm? No problem - send it anyway at any time and we will do everything we can to fill it. Please be aware that in the event that we cannot get your order in -- a plane is late, a catch is less than expected, or something happens in transit -- that we will make every effort to contact you and offer what we can as a substitute. Our fish is as fresh and seasonal as we can get it.

About our fish: we love fish. Just like you, we want to know it comes from clean waters and healthy fish populations. When you buy from us, you can be confident the fish on your table are the freshest fish we can get and come from sustainable fisheries that respect the fish and the waters they live in. We pay close attention to recommendations from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (, the Marine Stewardship Council ( and other independent bodies. Our wild fish come from fisheries that nurture populations, ensuring we will have a wide variety of fish for the next generation. Our farmed and ranched fish take pressure off wild populations and the ecosystem, sourced from ecologically sound farms such as Veta la Palma (Veta La Palma - Parque natural), Loch Duart (, and other aquaculture farms where the fish are raised without hormones, antibiotics or artificial diets. Enjoy your fish selections, knowing that your choices are healthy for you and the waters of the planet.

The Fish List

Premium Salmon We will have fresh wild salmon back on the list when it's in season this summer and fall. •

Canadian Salmon o Sourced from sustainable aquaculture in British Columbia, Canada. A very high quality salmon, buttery and firm.

Premium Faroe Island Salmon (Sushi Grade) o The Faroe Islands between Scotland and Iceland pioneered Salmon aquaculture. They produce a wide variety of grades of fish, we buy only their highest grade and it's very good. This is a nice delicate, mild salmon. Perfect for all occasions.

Loch Du Art Salmon (Sushi Grade) o Raised in Scotland, this farmed salmon bears a strong similarity in appearance and structure to wild salmon. Loch Duart is the loch beside the hatchery. Our Loch du Art salmon is high quality, sushi grade. It is served by name at many exclusive European and UK restaurants and catering firms. This is the finest Atlantic Salmon on the market today.

Irish Organic Salmon (Sushi Grade)

Ora King Salmon (Sushi Grade) o A true King Salmon, raised in New Zealand and shipped fresh to us.

Salmon Heads 6.99/lb. (Order by number of heads you want, heads range from 1 to 2 lbs in size).

Today's selections from around the world, fresh caught

Icelandic Cod, MSC Certified (Sushi Grade) o Our cod is sourced from companies that buy from smaller scale fisherman in the region, which helps sustain the fish populations and supports small fishing villages, resulting in a quality product is that is fresher than much of the cod on the market. There is a difference!

American Red Snapper .(Sushi Grade)

Meagre (Mediterranean Bass), Greece, (Sushi Grade)

Branzino (Loup de Mer) (Whole Fish Only, around 1 pound each) - (Sushi Grade)

Red Grouper (Sushi Grade)

Escolar (USA) (Sushi Grade)

Chilean Sea Bass (Sushi Grade)

Corvina (Sushi Grade)

Mahi (USA) (Sushi Grade)



Red Drum (Redfish) (from Copper Shoals, USA)

Swordfish (Marine Stewardship Council certified catch) $25.99/lb.(Sushi Grade)

Albacore Tuna (Tahiti)

Big Eye Tuna (Sushi Grade)

Petrale Sole (Sushi Grade)

Wild Striped Bass (Sushi Grade)

Black Bass (Sushi Grade)

Fjord Trout -- a favorite of top chefs, this fish from the trout family is much like a salmon in flavor and texture and highly sustainable

Fresh Fish from the Great Lakes



Lake Perch

Lake Trout

Our choices from the Atlantic Ocean

Dab Sole (Sushi Grade)

Monkfish (USA) (Sushi Grade)

Pollock Skatewing (Sushi Grade)

Our choices from the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Rockfish (Sushi Grade)

Fresh Alaskan Halibut (Sushi Grade)

Sturgeon (Sushi Grade) from the Snake River Region

Pacific Dover Sole (Sushi Grade) -- these are small, delicate fillets

Hamachi Fillets (Japan) (Sushi Grade)

Baja Kampachi (Sushi Grade)

Sablefish (Sushi Grade)

The Best Hand Cut Sushi Tuna #1 Yellowfin Tuna -(Sushi Grade) This is the best of the best, wild Yellowfin Tuna. The highest sushi grade. We hand-cut each piece (we hand cut everything).

#2 ++ Yellowfin Tuna - (Sushi Grade) Very good sushi grade Tuna, also hand cut, a fantastic sushi grade tuna, just not as perfect in color and fat as the #1-- still far better than the typical #3 grade you get at most restaurants and fish markets.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Toploin - (Sushi Grade) As the world's most sought after sushi fish, Bluefin is a luxury purchase! We only sell the most eco-friendly wild Bluefin, ranched by Spanish fisheries that are highly regulated. It is very limited in quantity, however, so we ask that you allow us to substitute our excellent yellowfin if we cannot get in this special tuna.

Aquaculture: Fresh Fish That's Good for You and the Planet

Aquaculture is a sustainable way to preserve the world's fish populations. It takes pressure off the environment, assures a quality fish product, and sustains fishing communities. We carry only the finest farmed and ranched fish.

Rainbow Trout, Whole Fish Only (USA, cleaned and dressed) -- please order by the number of fish you want

Fresh from the streams of Idaho (and once in a while Wisconsin) our Rainbow Trout is the very best you can get without putting on a pair of hip waders. Our trout are cleaned and dressed - ready to pan fry or bake

Ruby Trout - from California, fillets

Ivory Char o A local product from Bristol, Wisconsin, raised using the newest eco-friendly aquaculture methods.

Steelhead Trout (Organic)

Catfish (American)

Farmed Sturgeon(Sushi Grade)

Farmed Halibut (Sushi Grade)

Farmed Striped Bass (Sushi Grade)

Cobia (Panama) (Sushi Grade) o Cobia is delicious mild white fish, farmed sustainably by OpenBlue eight miles off shore in open water. Open Blue has the most advanced open pen system in the world. Cobia have a fresh clean taste and a firm delicate texture. After cooking they becomes extremely white and have large succulent flakes of meat and are high in Omega 3 fats. Cobia are good for the ocean and good for you.

Tilapia - o Not all tilapia is the same! We sell only responsibly raised great tasting tilapia! Farmed fish takes pressure off the oceans and supports fishing communities in Panama and Columbia.

Barramundi (Vietnam,US) (Sushi Grade) o Don't let the odd name steer you away from this delicious fish, which is often compared to wild Sea Bass. Prized for its sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture, barramundi is native to Australia’s northern tropical wilderness. Aquaculture company Australis,a recognized leader in sustainable aquaculture, has faithfully recreated key aspects of this sensitive ecosystem to produce delicious, fresh and authentically Australian fish.

For the Chef: Fish for Stock

Fish Scrap (White) - $6.99/lb Order by the pound, this may include heads, collars and other scrap of fish that are light/white. Ideal for a variety of fish stock. Will not include heavy fish scrap from Salmon/Tuna/etc...

Fish Scrap (Red) - $6.99/lb Order by the pound, this may include heads, collars and other scrap of fish that are dark such as Tuna and Salmon. Ideal for a variety of fish stock. Will not include light fish scrap from white fleshed fish.

Quality Smoked Fish for the Gourmet

Acme Nova Lox - direct from Brooklyn NY for over 100 years - this amazing delicacy is in stock in bulk. $9.99 per quarter pound. This is the best cold smoked salmon in the world.

Revered by chefs and connoisseurs worldwide, Kendall Brook is the gourmet prize of smoked salmon and is a mark of unequaled excellence. Always made from fresh salmon, fully trimmed by hand, individually inspected, with no brown meat and all fat removed.

Kendall Brook Gravlax - $12.99 (4oz package)

Smoked Trout - $12.99 (8oz package)

Smoked Whitefish - $12.99 (~7oz package)

Smoked Whole Salmon, Whitefish or Lake Trout 19.99/lb. (6 lb average per fish - Six business days notice required) o Beautiful presentation. Smoked individually by the Ewig Brothers in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Inquire for more information.

Shellfish and More

Scallops All of the scallops we get are packed "dry" - without any added water or sodium triphosphate (used as a preservative). They will look more creamy ivory in color than a treated scallop.

Huge Dry Scallops (U10)- (Sushi Grade) 4-6 scallops per pound - these are the largest diver dry packed scallops you can get. Nothing sears as well as these -- they are so tender and delicious!

Canadian Dry Bay Scallops 40/60 per pound. A smaller bay scallop with no added water or chemicals.

Shrimp -- We only sell shrimp that are caught in a sustainable manner from well managed fisheries.

WILD Massive American Shrimp (Sushi Grade) 5-7 shrimp per pound, shell on (American shrimp from Texas) o What a treat. These are almost like tiny lobsters -- fantastic boiled or broiled. Sweet and tender. Great for a holiday meal as a first course or appetizer. Wow them!

WILD Large American Shrimp (Sushi Grade) peeled. deveined, tail on, 16-20 per pound from Texas.

Laughing Bird Shrimp 41-50 per pound, peeled, tail off, deveined.

Laughing Bird shrimp are from The company runs one of the most ecologically healthy, sustainable and organic farmed shrimp operations in the world. We are proud to support sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly shrimp from Laughing Bird

Calimari (Squid) - (Cleaned) (Sushi Grade)

Crawfish (Frozen) Tail meat- Whole Crawfish

Octopus (Whole) (Sushi Grade) (Sustainable from Spain, average 2lbs each)

Clams The sweetest, freshest clams in town

Middlenecks (ordered if you don't specify a size) -- great for steaming.

Littlenecks -- tiny clams, often used for pasta

Top Necks -- a larger clam, good for baking • Cherrystones -- a very large clam, best chopped for chowders Tip: Soak your clams covered in cold water and a tablespoon or two cornmeal for 30 minutes prior to cooking, allowing the clam to filter out any sand that may have accumulated.

Lobsters: Live, Lobster Tails, Lobster Meat

Live Lobsters: Right off the plane tomorrow morning! Our lobsters are fresh from the North Atlantic they have not been sitting around in a tank losing body weight for days resulting in a significantly larger amount of meat with a fresh lobster. Yes, we can get those huge 4+ pound lobsters!

1.25 lb. Lobster

1.5 lb. Lobster

2-3 lb. Lobster

4-6 lb. Lobsters (Lobsters over six pounds can be pre-ordered, but may need a few days depending upon the harvest).

Cold Water Lobster Tails: large 22-24oz

Fresh and Canned Crab Fresh Crab

Once considered bait-robbing pests by lobster fishermen Atlantic rock and Jonah crab are now a valuable bycatch of the lobster fishery, and also have their own small, directed commercial fisheries in the U.S. and Canada. Atlantic rock crab and Jonah crab are two common crabs found on the East Coast from Labrador to South Carolina, frequently found co-habiting with American lobster. Rock crab, or Peekytoe, the smaller of the two species, is caught mainly in the summer by inshore fishermen, while Jonah is caught year-round by inshore and offshore lobster boats. In the U.S., the Atlantic rock and Jonah crab fishery is managed as a mixed fishery. Both are considered good substitutes for West Coast Dungeness crab or stone crab.

8 oz. package of Peekytoe Crab -- Fresh - Never Pasturized, Never Frozen, All Natural. A specific type of Atlantic rock crab, Peekytoes are caught in waters 20- to 40-feet deep, in traps baited with bits of fish. The meat is pink with a sweet, delicate flavor and a favorite with chefs.

1 lb Jonah Crab -- Fresh - Never Pasteurized, Never Frozen, All Natural - Often called the "Atlantic Dungeness" crab, Jonah crabs are oval-shaped like Dungeness crabs, but with bigger claws. Jonahs are landed year-round by inshore and offshore lobster boats. They range from Nova Scotia to northern Florida but are most abundant from Georges Bank to North Carolina. Jonah meat is more uniformly white with a less sweet taste than the Peekytoe

Meribelle Crab -- Select grade 1 crab, the very highest quality for canned crab. Super Lump $39.99 /lb - Only the largest pieces of white meat, whole crab - no claw, no backfin, no small pieces. Stunning served on it's own or as a topping. When only the best will do this delivers every single time. Crazy sweet and delicate. This is why crab is awesome.

Jumbo - White whole pieces, delicate flavor - suitable as an ingredient and a topping, served on it's own. Special $29.99 - Same top quality as our Super Lump - just smaller, pure white lump crab (small whole pieces, stronger flavor - suitable as an ingredient).

Alaskan King Crab Legs -- These are the big boys - you can buy the small Alaskan King crab legs that contain a thin pencil of crab anywhere in town - but my crab legs are the huge ones. Thick, sweet crab - just warm and serve. We suggest steaming them for a few minutes. Crab legs are graded by the number per 10 lbs - our legs are 6-8 legs per 10 lbs which are the largest size. More meat per lb, good value for the money.

Mussels Sold in 2 pound units. • Prince Edward Island Mussels • Bar Harbor Mussels

Oysters -- East and West Coast Varieties.

Flown in Fresh

Fresh oysters are notoriously fickle in availability. Therefore, when ordering give us permission to substitute, and choose at least two different kinds. Inventories go up and down quickly. We will do our very best to get you similar oysters that match your order. Thank you!

Oysters are priced per dozen.

East Coast Oysters: priced per dozen (12)

38 North Oyster o from the York River/Chesapeake Bay area, a sweet, plump, moderately salty oyster with a buttery artichoke finish

Alpine Bay o 3" oyster, from PEI, Canada, has a deep cup, crunchy bite and clean finish

Avery's Oyster o from Lieutenant Island, Massachusetts, a clean and sweet boutique oyster with a mild brine. • Beausoliel

New Brunswick

Bras D'or o These oysters are harvested from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Grown wild these oysters have flatter bodies with curved shells and deep cups. They are very briny as are most northern Canadian oysters. 3" - 3.25" oyster.

Cape Breton

Caraquet o This oyster is harvested from New Brunswick, Canada. Caraquets come in several sizes we buy the small and the medium. They are oblong in shape, and the shell is marbled light brown and white. The meat is full, and the flavor is sweet with a hint of brine.

Cupid's Creek

Daisy Bay

Prince Edward Island

East Beach

Fat Baby

French Kiss

New Brunswick

Holy Grail o Holy Grail oysters have a deep cup with full bodied meats and are 3.5" on average. They are grown in the Chesapeake Bay, briny and sweet with a complex finish.

Huckleberries o Maryland

Lady Chatterly

Martha's Vineyard


Naked Cowboy

Pink Moon o Prince Edward Island

Pleasant Bay o Massachusetts

Plymouth Champagne o White Flat, Massachusetts

Powder Point o Massachusetts

Rappahannock o These oysters are aquacultured in Wake, Virginia. They are deep cupped at 3.5 inches and mineral rich with an understated saltiness that lets the oyster’s natural flavor come through. They have a sweet, buttery, full bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish.

Skinny Dippers o Maryland

Skipjack o Virginia

Spring Creeks o Barnstable, Masachusetts

Stingray o This is the quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster. It is large 3.5 inch oyster, sweet, mildly briny with a clean, crisp finish


Wellfleet o Wellfleets are a 3- 3.5 inch shallow shelled oyster which is very meaty with clean and crisp taste. They are harvested in Wellfeet Harbor located in Northeastern Cape Cod Bay.

White Stone o Virginia

Whitewood Cove o Maryland

West Coast Oysters: priced per dozen (12)

Big Cove o 2.75-3.0", Hood Canal, Washington. Plump firm meat, mild brine, dark mantle, smooth sweet finish

Bonita o Washington

Chelsea Gem

Compass Point o Washington

Cougar Creek o British Columbia

Cranberry Creek o Washington

Dabob Bay o These 2.5 - 3" oysters are harvested from Dabob Bay, Washington. A 3" oyster delicate in texture, briny, yet sweet in flavor finishing with a fresh fruitfulness. Harvested at a young age, you’ll enjoy the ocean freshness.

Deep Bay

Deer Creek

Effingham Bay o 3.0", From Vancouver Island, tumbled for deep cups, pink purple shells with a briny finish.

Fanny Bay o These 2.5 -3 inch oysters are grown in Fanny Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island in Baynes Sound. Fanny Bay oysters are started using a suspension method and then transferred to the inter-tidal for hardening. They are salty, yet sweet with a firm, plump flesh with a dark mantle. Their thick shells make for easy opening.

Gold Point

Kumamoto o This is a small oyster with a very deep cup. The shell is rounder than it is long. The meat may have a slight green or pink hue with a dark mantle. It has a smooth buttery texture and abundant slightly salty, fruity flavor.

Kusshi o This 2-2.5" mildly sweet oyster is grown in the rich waters off of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada. They are tray raised, but tumbled regularly to take the length out of the growth. This effort creates a deep cupped, meaty little oyster.

Malaspina o Malaspina oysters have are 2-2.5" and have a thick shell with a deep cup. They are a firm oyster grown on the gravel shores of Malaspina Inlet of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The plump meats are very salty and mildly sweet with a pronounced cucumber finish.



Midnight Bay o A 3.25 inch oyster with a nice shape, great shell strength and meat content. Grown in Hood Canal, this oyster is fantastic on the half shell or the perfect size for grilling.

Mirada o This oyster is grown in Southern Hood Canal on pristine beaches. It has a thick hardy shell making it easy for shucking. Mirada oysters are nice sized with a medium briny taste and a sweet finish.

PennCove Select



Sunset Beach o This oyster is beach raised in South Hood Canal, Washington. It is a hearty firm texture oyster, medium in size.

Tekiu Pearl Caviar We can order a large selection of both domestic and imported caviar. If you have a specific request, we can certainly get it for you. Salmon Roe 3.5 Ounces Caviar 10 gram selections: Venise Siberian Sturgeon Tradition White Sturgeon Oscietra Classic Russian Sturgeon Oscietra Royal Russian Sturgeon Caviar 28 gram selections: American Paddlefish Roe Venise Siberian Sturgeon American Pacific Sturgeon Tradition White Sturgeon Oscietra Classic Russian Sturgeon Farmed Ossetra Siberian Oscietra Royal Russian Sturgeon

Gourmet Poultry

Duck Confit (legs) Duck (Average weight 5-6 lbs, serving 2-4 people.) Goose (Average weight 14-17 lbs, serving 8-12 people.)

Quail partially boned (Average weight per individual quail is around 3-4oz, 1-2 quail per person is recommended)

Commitment to Sustainability Cheese and Crackers is committed to the sustainability of our oceans and waterways. In support of that commitment we only purchase fish certified by sustainable by one or more third-party independent certification organizations, including but not limited to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch and more. Our oceans are not capable of support the global demand for seafood. We support only wild fisheries that are managed in a long term sustainable model such as the Alaskan State Fishery, managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which oversees the industry. Farmed (Aquacultured) Fish at Cheese & Crackers In addition to support wild fisheries, we also support sustainable, environmentally sound and healthy farmed and ranch fish. While the majority of farmed and ranched fish are produced under conditions that are not acceptable to us at Cheese & Crackers (such as the entire Chilean Salmon industry), there are today organizations that do an exemplary job of farming and ranching fish under great conditions. Veta La Palma and are two of the finest organizations producing seafood commercially today. For more information of excellent, sustainable and healthy aquaculture please see: • Clean Fish • Veta La Palma web site • • Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish, TED Talk, February 2010 • Abend, Lisa (June 15, 2009). "Sustainable Aquaculture: Net Profits". Time Magazine. Retrieved January 11, 2013. • • • What is Sushi Grade? What is Sashimi Grade Fish? Is all Sushi and Sashimi Grade fish frozen? 1. Cheese & Crackers sells only fresh, never frozen fish for Sushi. The FDA guidelines for the consumption of raw seafood allow for seafood known to be relatively parasite free (such as Northern Bluefin Tuna) and fish raised under aquaculture conditions in such as a manner as to be independently certified as relatively parasite free are exempt from the requirement to freeze fish prior to consumption raw. Cheese & Crackers sells the finest sushi grade on the market today, always fresh, never frozen. 2. The terms “Sushi Grade” and “Sashimi Grade” have no definition in the United States and are freely used by commercial seafood producers, wholesalers and retailers. Every organization is free to label any seafood as “Sushi Grade” or “Sashimi Grade”. You should not purchase seafood based upon those words without knowing why the retailer has labeled the fish in that manner. Cheese & Crackers, Inc. uses the phrase, “Sushi Grade” on any fish that meets the following criteria: a. The fish was harvested within 48 hours (most within 24 hours). b. The fish has never been frozen. c. The fish is either not known to generally carry parasites OR raised in a manner which is certified by an independent organization to be generally free of parasites. d. Meets or exceeds Cheese & Crackers, Inc. mandatory standards for the label “Sushi Grade” which include: • Highest quality condition (we pay special attention to the condition of the whole fish, the head/eyes and flesh), and we exclude any fish not meeting our conditions for overall quality. • Highest quality natural coloration (a good indicator of the quality of the individual fish). • No off odor (no fishy smell). All fish sold at Cheese & Crackers must have a clean and pleasant odor of nothing other than fresh ocean.